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PomPom Garland

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In beautiful, complimenting shades, this felt ball garland will make a lovely addition to your home or a great gift for a baby shower, birthday or Christmas.

This pom pom garland is made using high quality 100% wool felt balls which are handmade in UK and strung on white bakers twine. Each ball is approximately 2cm in size. 

The garland comes per meter with 12 balls per meter. Please select how many meters you would like and the colour combination you prefer. 

However if you would like a different length or different number of balls than those listed please feel free to contact me and I will endeavour to meet your requirements.

The balls will not move along the twine by their own accord but they will move along the twine if you gently pull them meaning you are able to customise the spacing to your own preference. The ends of the twine are looped to assist with hanging.

These garlands are so versatile, you can hang them across windows or fireplaces, drape them over frames or ornaments or hang them straight down from the ceiling. You could even use the garland to decorate your Christmas tree.